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Choosing the Hotel

Most hotel in india have rules for 11-12 AM check in and 11 PM - 12 PM.

We are working on 24 hour module and some hotels are also allowing 24 hour stay (early check-ins and later check-out) you will find it the hotel page

We provide rooms for business meet in selected cities in india. Cost are different from normal prices

The main (primary) guest should be more than 18 years old in different conditions we allow minor primary guests (below 18 years) birth original ID card. There is no extra cost for 2 visiting children

The no of guests staying in a single room can vary from hotel to hotel according to size and comfort cost will be variable for rooms according to increasing no of guests


You will get confirmation mail and SMS with booking ID Number on our registered email id and phone number

You will get contact details of TMT Help with Map. Sometimes it takes some minutes or hour for confirmation

Our 24/7 customer support service is available you can connect us via number provided.

You need a valid ID card for check-in. Some properties don't accept local ID card so carry your with yourself

If you need to book more than 4 rooms in a single go including other services(Hall booking/decoration etc)then you can connect our customer support service


Log in your TMT ID and connect your booking we don't cost any charge for cancellation

If you don't check-in you will not get any kind of refund. However if you cancel your booking before check you are subjected to get 100% refund